BillFlex Billing & Revenue Management

More Features, Less Dollars

he BillFlex platform has been engineered to meet the increasing challenges of today’s tier 3 and 4 service providers, and punches far above its weight. Our team has spent the last 20 years making sure you can have it all. Powerful, proven, accurate, flexible - and at a price that reflects today’s market realities. Whether you’re looking for an on-site solution, SaaS, or complete outsourcing, BillFlex can handle it.

BillFlex™ Field Service Work Order Management

Simplifying Managed Services Margin Analysis

BillFlex Field Service Work Order Management enables you to manage, track and invoice your work orders. BillFlex's ability to real-time rate and bill work orders and then use the same data to perform real-time costing of services performed by Field Technicians provides you with a powerful tool to analyze your margins for the entire Work Order down to the individual activity level. BillFlex integrates with any 3rd party Workforce management system (e.g. Click Software), and Accounting/Payroll systems (e.g. JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, Great Plains), provides a competitive edge with abilities to plan effectively and execute predictably with customers and minimize labor costs and errors associated with manual reconciliation.

BillFlex™ Operations Support Systems (OSS)

IoT Marketplace: Monetizing Managed Services

The delivery of services to customers is very different today as services now have a new element of connectedness that changes the landscape of the traditional service and product revenue models. In the digitized world, these services can now be repositioned, resold, or bundled with other services by a multitude of service providers on any smart device or piece of smart equipment. IoT enables service providers to explore new ways of doing business, higher margin business models, across and between industries, societies and individuals. Services are shifting from simpler models of monitoring things to intelligent machines providing critical information that can be utilized for analytics and proactive service management to minimize risk and losses. All of this means efficiency and new sources of revenues from data. BillFlex helps service providers who are the change-makers to lay the groundwork for the IoT marketplace by providing critical OSS and BSS technologies through which a new generation of innovative services will be delivered, managed and monetized. BillFlex provides agile service
enablement, work order and field services management and service monetization which are fundamental for success and future proofing your IoT marketplace strategy.

BillFlex Mobile MyAccount

Mobile Now

Did we mention we’re a mobile company? Now your customers can get that convenience and support and instant feedback that shows you’re a big player. And our system works on any browser-enabled phone, not just one or two platforms. Customers can get instant feedback – check their balance, pay a bill, see unbilled usage, view services and plans, review invoices. One more happy customer. One less support call.

BillFlex™ Pay

Higher Revenues, Lower Risk

BillFlex offers a multiple approach to payments, from real-time credit-card, one-click processing, one-time purchases, to batch processing, and newer remittance models like remote cash payments. Because we are closely aligned with gateway providers, you can leverage our pricing advantages. And we can work with you to integrate payments as part of a comprehensive credit and collections strategy.