BillFlex Field Work Order Management Benefits

BillFlex Field Work Order Management Benefits

The benefits of implementing BillFlex Field Service Work Order Management software fully automates the delivery of services from dispatch to managing complex business rules for work order management to monetization of services delivered. BillFlex was built in partnership with leading managed services organisations and manages technicians for leading telecom operators, infrastructure providers and managed services organisations across NA.

The BillFlex Advantage:

  • Easily configure complex contract offerings
  • Increase Operational Efficiency and scale performance
  • Minimize paperwork
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction (timely and accurate billing)
  • Reduce invoicing/payroll backlog
  • Reduce Revenue Leakage
  • Reduce Technician overtime
  • Real-time Data-warehouse update provides Finance & Ops with timely Financial Reporting
  • Simplified margin analysis of services delivered based on cost to deliver field services
BillFlex MyTime Mobile Application

The BillFlex MyTime mobile application provides your technicians with immediate access to view and approve their activities and eliminates complex spreadsheets and manual time tracking errors. Your field service workers will always know what work orders are complete, which activities have been approved and will be able to have complete visibility into their payments for work performed. Any discrepancies can be detected prior to being paid and resolved immediately with ease.

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