Reports and Revenue Management

revenue_risksYour hard efforts in generating revenue are undermined if you do not perform equally in the area of financial reconciliation, and revenue assurance.

Don’t undo your efforts at generating valuable sales and invoices, only to be undone by revenue leakage – errors, poor reconciliation and cost accounting.

We specialize in ensuring your revenues are accurate, payments secure, and reconciliation performs to GAAP accounting principles.

Dynamic Reporting

BillFlex contains a host of reports. And we’ve employed Crystal Reports that allow you to distribute complex reports that allow users to see the summary information, and then drill-down on that data to learn more, no technical knowledge needed.

Now departmental users can quickly answer their own inquiries, rather than enter into further requests from your information systems department, and the inevitable delays. Instead, users simply define and redefine the level of granularity in a report that they’d like to see, and they have everything they need. Right there, right away.

Data Warehouse

And when reports aren’t enough, our comprehensive data warehouse is there for those seeking ad hoc questions and decision support. Your IT department will have full access to BillFlex data, in a controlled environment, optimized and safe from core BillFlex tables. Leverage your in-house database expertise, and never again be held hostage to expensive custom reports or supplier constraints.

See For Yourself

The best way to experience BillFlex is to see it in action. Allow us to arrange a demo by contacting [email protected].Here’s some of what you can look forward to.

  • Ordering
  • Credit Profiling
  • Provisioning
  • Rating
  • Billing
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Customer Service
  • Mobile MyAccount
  • White Labeling
  • Dynamic PDF-based Invoicing
  • Loyalty Credits with maturity dates
  • EBPP
  • Payments – integrated API Payment Proc
  • One-Time Purchase Statements
  • Taxation – any product, any jurisdiction
  • Collections
  • Multi-Level Commissions
  • Data Warehouse
  • Reporting – Static and Dynamic
  • Finance based – GL
  • Equipment and Inventory