BillFlex IoT

BillFlex IoT

Navigating the transition from a product based organisation to a services based requires major shifts in mindset, processes, people and skills. It requires creating new business models, operating structures and management functions.
Always-on IoT services present new and unique operational challenges that you must address:

  • How will you on-board new devices, provision network services and set usage policies?
  • How will you monitor and optimize service performance?
  • How will you diagnose and resolve service issues remotely?
  • How will you monetize your services and manage costs?
  • How will you scale your IoT services, whether to the next 10,000 customers or

Becoming a successful, service-centric IoT business requires four key elements:

  1. Devices with embedded connectivity.
  2. Networks for connecting those devices.
  3. Applications and IT systems to power operations.
  4. An IoT service platform that enables you to capitalize on real-time

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Always-on IoT services present new and unique operational challenges.
IoT business transformation shifts value from products to the services thatthe products enable creating, long-term recurring revenue sources.