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Monetize and Manage Your Revenues in the Usage based economy!

BillFlex is a secure, scalable cloud based or licensed, billing, rating, customer and revenue management platform for telecoms, utilities, Internet of Things (IoT) and managed services companies. No matter how complex your services, how you bundle products, or what equipment you need to track and support through your field service workers, BillFlex provides full visibility of all transactions and measures your margins and metrics within a singular platform designed specifically to handle transformation in the digitization of products and services.


Industrial M2M Equipment Management (OSS)

  • Equipment Status Monitoring
  • Equipment Management (as provided by manufacturer)
  • Service Provisioning
  • Big Data Analytics

Billing & Revenue Management

  • Accounting Based
  • Powerful Rating and Billing
  • API Integration for your Operational Support Systems (OSS)
  • Ordering and Customer Relationship
  • Dynamic Invoicing
  • Customer Service and Collections Modules
  • Reporting
  • Margin Analysis

Field Service Work Order Management

  • Overhead-Cost-Per-Hour to Measure Profitability
  • Hourly / Fixed wage Calculation
  • Automated Statutory Pay
  • Top-up calculation for Salaried Employees
  • OT/DOT derivation based on State/Province Labour laws
  • API Integration with your Accounting/Payroll System
  • Manage employee productivity
  •  Daily Timesheet Review/Approval
  • Reduce administration costs of paper-based data entry
  • Preserve electronic audit trail for full regulatory compliance
BillFlex Solutions enables the management of increasingly complex services and provides a unique approach to manage hardware, services, and workers allowing all components to communicate in one system with full metrics on efficiency. The BillFlex platform is a dynamic convergence of subscription-based/monthly recurring charges combined with usage-based billing and the enhanced ability to manage work order transactions for field services. This enables service providers to monetize in real-time any triggered event in the connected world and ensure a significant competitive advantage on revenue recognition and margin analysis.

BillFlex Design

BillFlex Advantage

Whether you are connecting and supporting users, devices, systems or machines, you can realize competitive market advantages and maximize market efficiency with the industry’s most flexible real-time usage rating and billing platform that not only monetizes your transactional billing, but will also manage your field service management costs to provide operational support. The performance of a field service organization represents one of the most mission-critical elements of any organization. The team is responsible for installing or commissioning new equipment, performing inspections and preventive maintenance, and repairing damaged or faulty assets. Furthermore, field service teams must perform these tasks against strict service-level agreements which contractually can penalize or reward based on service delivery requirements. Managing an effective field service organization can representtremendous overhead. Ensuring that the organization runs as efficiently as possible requires the ability to take transactions and understand key metrics to focus on the balance between worker productivity and customer commitments


Your Customers are ready for digitization and usage based consumption. Are you?

We enable companies and organisations of all sizes to implement BillFlex in their own back office with full requirements analysis, system configuration/integration to roll-out, within one business quarter. Manage and accelerate your digital transformation with end-to-end support in 3 focused stages:
  • 1. Kickoff Business Requirements Workshop
  • 2. Deploy platform and configure/integrate to existing systems
  • 3. Rigorous User Acceptance/Reporting and Metrics and “future proof”