Features And Modules


BillFlex empowers your business with the flexibility to consolidate and rapidly deliver a full spectrum of wholesale and retail telecommunication services and products ranging from traditional and VoIP telephony to evolving IP, cable, wireless, and next generation services such as IPTV. BillFlex provides you with the freedom to innovate competitive cross-product bundles that fit your business and profit models.

Accounting Based

A billing system is a financial system. Sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how many systems aren’t built from the ground up with this in mind. Your billing system has to do much more than produce an invoice. Credits, adjustments, payments, reporting, reconciliation. And BillFlex will fit with your accounting department because it provides full GL reporting, and is architected on an accounting debit and credit basis.

An astonishing 66% of carriers face critical issues of billing accuracy. And 50% face critical issues in the area of revenue leakage. Incorrect pricing and provisioning, revenue leakage, poor reporting. With Allibill’s accurate and proven reports you will never again fear auditors, or be lost not knowing your earned or billed revenue position.

Powerful Rating and Billing

BillFlex accommodates Wholesale, Residential and Business billing. Whatever the scale and mix of your customers and products, rest assured BillFlex can handle it. And when it comes time to invoice all your customers, our high-throughput post-relational engine can handle millions of transactions.

API Integration for your Operational Support Systems (OSS)

All BillFlex’s features can be invoked from your other systems. So provisioning, fulfillment, account and service inquiry, all are available for you to interface with, no matter how complex your business rules.

Ordering and Customer Relationship

Customer facing users have a comprehensive interface to address customer lifecycle, from account and service ordering, to account creation and management. BillSoft allows a staged approached to account and service order creation and acceptance. Never need to activate services and accounts until fulfilled and credit profiling is completed. And the system tracks sales agents and commissions which can be tailored to individual charges and usage.

Dynamic Invoicing

Your invoice is you silent salesperson. It is literally all many customers see of your company. A good invoice boosts your company profile and lowers support calls.
Whether you wish to have a simple single invoice, or need to white label multiple entities BillFlex will make you look your best, with a range of bill features.

  • Dynamic, Template Driven
    Automatic, business rule driven invoice templates, based on:

    • Company Code/White label
    • Language Indicator
    • Payment Type – PAP/Cheque
    • Destination – Email and/or Print
  • One-Time Purchase Statements
  • Loyalty Credits with maturity dates
  • Message Board
  • Document Management System
    All invoices saved as historical PDFs, searchable to system users and customers alike

Customer Service and Collections Modules

All our interfaces are lightweight and can be deployed anywhere, whether your staff are in the next room or across the country.